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LPRS have supplied low power wireess (RF) solutions to businesses worldwide for over 30 years. With the vast knowledge and experience gathered over this period, LPRS can offer a complete end-to-end bespoke solution for your business from the hardware (device and gateway) to the software (cloud service, data management, alerts and monitoring).

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LPRS have grown to become a trusted leader in the niche short range, licence free, sub-1GHz market. LPRS provided a major step forward for designers working in this sector being one of the first companies in the World to supply an intelligent wireless solution in a modular format. LPRS has now partnered with other industry leaders enabling the offering of a complete device-to-cloud solution, with each partner specialising in their own field. 

"Experts in low power wireless and creator of the world’s first low power radio module with an embedded communication software protocol (easyRadio)."

Our Connected Platform Partners

SPICA Technologies are a specialist “connected technology” provider offering rapid, secure and innovative end-to-end IoT solutions. They work with a number of chip technologies and device manufacturers to add instrumentation capabilities to a variety of real world objects. Together, LPRS and SPICA Technologies will help clients identify areas within their organisation that would benefit most from connected technology and rapidly build, test, refine and deploy customised connected device solutions that address all commercial demands and operational needs.