Long Range & Low Power Wide Area Networks

Public and private network solutions are offered for Europe, the USA, South America and Australia. For more information download the protocol modes PDF.

USA, South America & Australia, Symphony Link

The LL-RLP-20, or LL-RXR-27 module participates as an endpoint with compatible Symphony Link networks. The module automatically connects to an in-range Symphony Link gateway. The gateway relays uplink messages from the module to Conductor, Link Labs’ cloud-based data services platform. Likewise, the gateway relays downlink messages sent from Conductor to individually addressed modules.

  • Well suited for high-capacity applications.
  • Implements a star network based on a slotted Aloha scheme.
  • Network operation controlled by handshaking between module and gateway.

Europe at 868-870MHz, Ensemble

The LL-RLP-20 module can be designated as a endpoint, repeater or gateway node. The gateway node constantly monitors an uplink channel to catch uplink messages sent from endpoints. The protocol is bi-directional and a gateway node can send downlink traffic to individually addressed endpoints via a downlink mailbox. The system also implements repeater nodes to extend the range of the network - one repeater maximum between each endpoint and gateway.

  • Orchestrates a pure Aloha star network.
  • Well suited for low-cost, low-capacity applications.
  • A gateway node can be battery powered.

Private Networks Applications

4 x LL-RLP-20-USB-A (USB evaluation boards that have the Link Labs module embedded.)

4 protocols in the one module. Ideal Proof of Concept package. You can use 3 boards as end nodes attached to sensors. The other board can be put into gateway mode and used to collect data.


Public Network Applications

8 channel indoor gateway with WiFi connection. 3 x LL-RLP-20-USB-A  plus an LL-BST-8-868-LRW-W-I-EU.

In this case you can select the USB boards in LORAWAN mode and communicate via the gateway to the cloud using Link-Labs cloud server, Conductor.